GEOG 487
Environmental Applications of GIS

Final Project Overview


Final Project Overview


You are a GIS Manager for a non-profit environmental organization where you lead a small team of GIS Analysts. A pre-proposal your organization submitted for a funding opportunity made it past the first round of review. You received an invitation to present your proposal to a panel of reviewers, who will choose between your organization and a pool of competitors for the project award.

Your job is to design a GIS work plan, summarize it in a visual presentation, and convince the panel of judges that your team is the best choice. Your role as a leader is to think through the potential opportunities and obstacles, provide a vision for your team to implement and bring in the project.

At the successful completion of the Final Project, you will:

  1. apply concepts and tools from previous lessons;
  2. design a Visual GIS Work Plan;
  3. consider your target audience and their requirements;
  4. persuade a client to hire you and your GIS team.


If you have questions now or at any point during this lesson, please feel free to post them to the Final Project Discussion.