GEOG 487
Environmental Challenges in Spatial Data Science

Lesson Data


Lesson Data

This section provides links to download the Lesson 2 data and reference information about each dataset (metadata). Briefly review the information below so you have a general idea of the data we will use in this lesson. You do not need to click on any hyperlinks, as we will do this in the Step-by-Step Activities.

In this lesson, we will experiment with two types of online datasets: Esri Base Maps and data services hosted by the U.S. Geological Survey's National Map.


The websites and servers may occasionally experience technical difficulties. If you happen to work on this lesson while one of the sites is down, you may need to stop work and start again the following day to allow time for the servers to come back online. Beginning this lesson before Wednesday will help avoid any issues.

Lesson 2 Data Download:

Note: You should not complete this activity until you have read through all of the pages in Lesson 2. See the Lesson 2 Checklist for further information.

Create a new folder named "GEOG487" directly on your C drive. It should have a pathname of "C:\GEOG487." You will use this folder for the remaining lessons. It is very important that your pathname is short and has no spaces in it, as this will cause problems later in the course when we use geoprocessing and spatial analyst tools.

Create a new folder in your GEOG487 folder called "L2." Download a zip file of the Lesson 2 Data and save it in your "L2" folder. The rest of the datasets we will use in the lesson are available as online data services. Information about all datasets used in the lesson is provided below:


Study_area.shp: Shapefile showing the boundaries of the proposed project.

Esri ArcGIS Online Basemap - Imagery Hybrid



You can also view the metadata for layers in ArcGIS Online by clicking on the "Show Properties" tab. When you hover over each dataset, you should see the horizontal ellipsis or more options menu. Click on the ellipsis > Show Properties > Information.

The National Map - National Land Cover Dataset (NLCD):

Additional resources:
Sentinel-2 10m Land Use/Land Cover Time Series - Global map of Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) from ESA Sentinel-2 imagery