GEOG 488
Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data

Course Management System


Penn State uses an online course management system called ANGEL to deliver most of its online courses. This page will:

  • provide a list of recommended browsers and computer configuration guidelines
  • explain how ANGEL is organized
  • explain how to communicate in ANGEL
  • explain how to get help with ANGEL related questions.

ANGEL MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE: ANGEL maintenance is conducted daily between 4:00 and 6:00 a.m. U.S. EST, during which time ANGEL is unavailable. Please do not plan to do any work in ANGEL during this time as it WILL be lost.

Supported Browsers and Computer Configuration

To make sure your computer is configured properly for ANGEL, refer to the "Recommended Browsers and Computers" listing on the ANGEL site. Failure to follow these recommendations may result in significant issues while viewing materials, taking assessments and using dropboxes.  You use unsupported browsers at your own risk.

ANGEL Course Interface

  • Syllabus - The course syllabus outlines educational objectives, assignments, and grading and other policies.
  • Calendar - This is the official record of assignment due dates. By default, the calendar displays one month at a time. "Page forward" using the "Next" link to see the rest of the semester. Hover your mouse pointer over an entry to see the details.
  • Lessons - Under the Lessons tab you will find a link to the course web site (which contains a to do list for the week, commentary, activities, etc.) as well as quizzes and drop boxes. There is a separate folder for each lesson of study. When you are ready to begin a lesson, simply click on the course web site link. Once you are in the course web site, you will be directed to either go through the course content and/or to complete certain tasks in ANGEL. Each folder under the Lessons tab will correspond with a specific lesson. The materials inside each lesson folder may include,
    • Dropboxes to submit assignments
    • Quizzes
    • Note: Some lessons do NOT have lesson folders associated with them.
  • Resources - Links to useful sites and services, such as Course Announcements and Penn State Library Tools.
  • Communicate - A variety of tools are available here, including:
    • Course mail: A tool for sending private email to one or more instructors or registered students
    • Discussion forums: a kind of "public email" that everyone in the class can view and reply to. You'll find several topical forums under the Communicate tab (as well as under the Lessons tab), including "Personal Introductions" and "ANGEL," as well as chapter- and project- specific forums
  • Report - Tools to help students and instructors keep track of students' progress in the course. The handiest tools include:
    • Milestones: Keeps track of the assignments posted in the calendar that you have completed
    • Gradebook: Quiz scores are automatically posted here. Project scores are manually uploaded by instructors.
  • Grades - The Grades tab is where you will find your grades for the class.

If you are new to ANGEL, please review the Quick Guide for Students to acclimate yourself further! Additional how-to resources can be found by clicking on the Help button in the far left of your ANGEL window.

Configure Your ANGEL Account

To get the most out of ANGEL, registered students should configure their ANGEL profiles as follows:

  1. Update your "Personal Information Settings" for ANGEL to make sure that the rest of us have current information about you.
    • Visit the ANGEL Help Guide: Personal Information Page for guidance on how to do this. Fill in the boxes on the resulting page with your current information. Include the URL for your personal web page or blog if you have one.
  2. Set up your course email preferences. You have the option of forwarding a COPY of your course e-mail to your personal email address. You will NOT be able to reply to class email that way, but it is a way to be notified of email sent to you in the course.
    • If you want your mail forwarded, visit the ANGEL Help Guide: Forward ANGEL Mail for guidance on how to do this.
    • NOTE to registered students: All official communications from the Penn State World Campus are sent to students' Penn State e-mail accounts. Be sure to check your Penn State account regularly, or forward your Penn State e-mail to your preferred email account, so you don't miss any important information.
  3. Turn on the "My Announcements" and "New Mail" and "What's New - Discussion Forums" alerts. On your Profile page you have the option of being alerted to any new items that have been added to your courses, including announcements, discussion forum postings, and e-mail messages. We recommend that you turn on the "My Announcements" and "New Mail" alerts so you don't miss anything!

Need Help with ANGEL?

The Help link in the Resources menu at left provides links to help registered ANGEL users at Penn State.