GEOG 488
Acquiring and Integrating Geospatial Data



Meaningful interactions among students and instructors are the hallmark of an successful online class.  Our courses support several kinds of communication, as described below.

ANGEL Communications

ANGEL supports several modes of communication, including discussion forums, course e-mail, and course announcements. This course may use a combination of the options below.

  • Discussion forums are threaded discussion areas within the course. Everyone enrolled in the class can post messages of their own and can read and respond to everyone else's messages. A series of messages that make up a conversation is called a "thread." Discussion forums are used throughout the course for both required and optional communications.  The Discussion Forums can be found on the Communicate tab.
    NOTE: You can set ANGEL to receive a notice in your Course Mail inbox whenever new messages are posted by "subscribing" to a discussion forum.  For more information see ANGEL Discussion Forums for Students.
  • Course mail is private e-mail—only the recipients you designate can read your messages. Course mail is also internal to ANGEL. A link to "course mail" can be found under the Communicate tab.  For more information, see ANGEL Mail for Students.
  • Announcements are occasional messages from me that appear on the Resource tab and, if your ANGEL profile is properly configured, under the Announcements bar in your profile page.