GIS for Transportation: Principles, Data and Applications

1.3 Getting to Know Each Other


One of my goals for this course is to promote meaningful interactions between all of us as we cover topics in GIS-T over the next 10 weeks and to lay the framework for building relationships which will extend beyond the end of the course. Throughout the course, you will have the opportunity to get to know your classmates and me a little better. As a first step, you will create a video autobiography so we can begin to get to know you. In later lessons, you will spend time in one-on-one video chats with your classmates getting to know each other better.

Assignment 1-4 (20 points)

Create a 3-5 minute video autobiography in Canvas. At a minimum, your autobiography should include the following elements:

  • Name and place of residence
  • Educational background
  • Current and prior positions and responsibilities
  • Summary of your skills (technical and non-technical)
  • Interest/experience in transportation and GIS-T
  • Why you are taking the course
  • What you are hoping to get out of the course
  • Professional interests and goals
  • Personal interests

The video should be clear, flow smoothly, address the key elements and not sound robotic. It would be advisable for you to develop a rough outline to follow. Here is a link to instructions on how to easily create a video discussion post within Canvas. Next week, you will be watching and responding to your classmates' videos.

Video Assignment (20 points)
Criteria Ratings Pts
Followed Instructions Excellent: Student carefully followed all instructions for the assignment.
5.0 pts
Satisfactory: Student's submission exhibited some minor deviations from the instructions for the assignment.
3.0 pts
Poor: Student's submission exhibited major deviations from the instructions for the assignment.
1.0 pts
5.0 pts
Presentation Quality Excellent: The presentation flowed smoothly, proceeded in a logical manner, and demonstrated good preparation but did not sound over-rehearsed and robotic.
15.0 pts
Satisfactory: The presentation had some structure and demonstrated some preparation on the part of the student.
8.0 pts
Poor: The presentation did not flow smoothly, lacked organization, and indicated little or no preparation on the part of the student.
3.0 pts
15.0 pts
Total Points: 20.0