GIS for Transportation: Principles, Data and Applications

6.6 Summary of Lesson 6


In this lesson, we explored how GIS tools can be used to help maintain an LRS and event data.  We also examined dynamic segmentation, a process used to convert event data into event features, and some very useful diagrams known as Straight Line Diagrams (SLDs).

Our transportation organization of the week was AASHTO. We reviewed some of the important roles AASHTO plays in establishing policy, producing important guidance documents, conducting and promoting research and in creating exceptional software products for a number of functional areas in transportation.

In our weekly webinar, we had the chance to interact with Mr. Bill Schuman, Sr. Vice President of Project Delivery for Transcend Spatial Solutions, and benefit from his expertise and many years of experience in the area of LRS.

In preparation for next week’s webinar, we looked at how state DOTs collect and analyze crash data.

Finally, you had the opportunity to get to know one of your classmates a little better and share some of your ideas and questions about this week’s lesson materials.

Questions and Comments

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