GIS for Transportation: Principles, Data and Applications

9.6 Summary of Lesson 9


In this lesson, you learned about DRT services including some of the challenges inherent to DRT and the technologies agencies commonly employ to help them manage and deliver these services. You also learned how DRT software can help transit providers schedule trip requests by completing an exercise on Network Analyst’s vehicle routing solver.

This week you explored CUTR, an important transportation research organization housed at the University of South Florida.

In our weekly webinar, you had the chance to interact with Mr. Ryan Harshbarger and learn about the operations of a transit system and the real time bus data which many agencies make available to their riders to improve customer service.

In preparation for next week’s webinar, you learned about Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and how it impacts fixed route providers in particular. You also had a chance to explore TBEST, a tool you’ll have a chance to work with in next week’s lesson.

Finally, you had the opportunity to get to know one of your classmates a little better and share some of your ideas and questions about this week’s lesson materials.

Questions and Comments

If there is anything in the Lesson 9 materials about which you would like to ask a question or provide a comment, submit a posting to the Lesson 9 Questions and Comments discussion in Canvas. Also, review others’ postings to this discussion and respond if you have something to offer or if you are able to help.