GIS for Transportation: Principles, Data and Applications

10.5 Summary of Lesson 10


In this lesson, we learned about fixed route transit services. In particular, we covered some of the basic concepts and terminology associated with providing these services. We also reviewed the variety of technologies fixed route providers utilize to manage their operations and provide good customer service.

We also explored the GTFS data specification which is used by transit agencies to publish their data to Google Transit and downloaded the latest GTFS data for a transit agency in Tampa, Florida.

You had the opportunity to utilize GTFS data to evaluate a series of travel requests to determine their eligibility for complementary paratransit in accordance with FTA’s fixed route requirements for ADA.

This week, you explored the FTA, the administration in the USDOT which supports US transit operations. In doing so, you also learned about the National Transit Database (NTD) and a recent FTA initiative called Rides to Wellness.

In our weekly webinar, you had the chance to interact with Mr. Rodney Bunner and learn how TBEST can be used to model and evaluate transit planning scenarios.

Finally, you had the opportunity to get to know one of your classmates a little better and share some of your ideas and questions about this week’s lesson materials.

Questions and Comments

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