GEOG 571
Intelligence Analysis, Cultural Geography, and Homeland Security

Course Website


This site includes the majority of the instructional materials for this class. There are a few things you should know about this website.

How the Website is Organized

This site uses a menu to organize content:

  • Syllabus - The Syllabus is a complete outline of the course. Read it carefully, as it will serve as our course "contract."
  • Orientation - You are currently in the Orientation. It provides an introduction to the instructor, the learning environments, the technical requirements, and information on how to succeed in an online class.
  • Lessons - The Lessons tab is where the bulk of the course learning material can be found. Each lesson contains an introduction, reading assignments, links, assessments, etc.
  • Canvas - The Canvas tab takes you directly to your Canvas home page.
  • Resources - The Resources tab includes a list of a variety of resources which may be of use to you while taking this course, including whom to contact for assistance.

How to Print a Lesson or Page

  • To print an entire lesson, you must be on the top-level page for that lesson and then select the "Print" link.
  • To print a single page, go to the page you want to print and select the printer-friendly version link.
  • WARNING: many pages contain required videos, animations, and links that will not work in print mode, so please do not rely on the printed lessons for all of your learning.

Navigating Between Lesson Pages

The Lessons menu provides direct links to individual pages for this course. You can also navigate from page to page within a lesson using the page name links at the bottom of each page.