GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design



Lesson 8 is one week in length. Please refer to the Calendar in Canvas for specific time frames and due dates. To finish this lesson, you must complete the activities listed below. You may find it useful to print this page out first so that you can follow along with the directions.

Steps for Completing Lesson 8
Step Activity Access/Directions
1 Work through Lesson 8. You are in the Lesson 8 online content now. The Overview page is previous to this page, and you are on the Checklist page right now.
2 Complete the Lesson 8 Reading Assignment. Page 6 has this week's reading assignment instructions. Make sure you post at least one comment that responds to the prompt given for the second reading.
3 Read and respond to the Lesson 8 Technology Trend. Page 7 describes the Technology Trend assignment for this week. The graded portion of this assignment is to participate in the discussion.
4 Begin work on the final draft of your Term Project. Page 8 provides instructions for your next steps on your Term Project. You should begin working this week on responding to the comments I made on your first draft.