GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Term Project - Finish Your First Draft


This week, you need to finish the first draft of your term project. Your goal should be to make the first draft as high-quality as possible, with the idea that doing so will mean you have less work ahead of you to complete your second (and final) draft.

I have designed the timing of this assignment so that I have time to read your full drafts, offer feedback and editing suggestions, and return them to you with enough time left in the course so that you can revise your work before submitting a final version.

To Do

Here are my expectations for your first draft:

  • Your draft should be complete (what you wrote about in your abstract and outline is covered).
  • It should be well-written, using correct grammar and spelling.
  • Your draft should not exceed the 2,500 word limit (citations, table and figure captions, and your original abstract do not count toward the word limit).
  • This 2,500 word limit equates to six (6) pages using 11 point type size, 1.5 spacing, and 1" margins. 
  • Your paper must include headers to offset the different sections. The list below outlines the recommended headings for the different sections that would be appropriate for your draft.
    • Abstract (this should be in final polished form based on feedback you received).
    • Outline (this should be in final polished form based on feedback you received).
    • Introduction (state the problem, what your solution is, and why it solves the problem).
    • Main Body (the specific section headers and exact content of the main body will be different for everyone. Use the headings and sub-headings from your outline as a guide).
    • Conclusion (wrap up your findings)
    • References
    • Appendices (use only if needed)
  • Tables and figures should be uniquely and sequentially numbered and referenced from the text when appropriate. All tables and figures should have a caption. Do not inlcude a figure or table if they are not discussed in the main body of the text. 
  • The format of your document should be consistent and elegant.

Submission Instructions

  1. When you're finished with this assignment, submit your draft to the dropbox I've created in Canvas.
  2. Save your file in the following format: L6_tp_firstinitialLastName.doc (or .jpg or .pdf or .tiff). For example, if my name were David DiBiase, my file would be named "L6_tp_ddibiase.doc" - This naming convention is important, as it will help me make sure I match each submission up with the right student.
  3. Submit your assignment to the Lesson 6 Term Project Full Draft dropbox in Canvas. See our Canvas Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Grading Criteria

For this assignment, I will assign grades with the following rubric. For each of the three main criteria, I will assign points on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being very poor.

I define "Impact" as the strength and logic of the arguments and analytical insights you provide with your writing. In other words, present a clear argument to the reader as to why your topic/idea/approach is important.

I define "Content" as the level of understanding and knowledge of relevant topics you demonstrate with your writing. Here, demonstrate to the reader that you are knowledgeable about the topic/idea/approach by communicating what you are planning to do and how you will do it.

I define "Clarity" as the readability and organization of your writing (including formatting and appropriate graphic design where applicable). Your writing should be clear, concise, and unambiguous. By all means proofread your writing so as to avoid errors. As a suggestion, ask someone else to read your writing.

Term Project Rubric
Criteria Excellent Very Good Satisfactory Poor Very Poor
Impact 5 4 3 2 1
Content 5 4 3 2 1
Clarity 5 4 3 2 1
Meets Criteria 5 4 3 2 1