GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Term Project

Waimea Canyon
Figure 7.02: Take a mental vacation to a place like this! (Waimea Canyon, on the island of Kauai)
Image credit: A. Robinson

This week, I'll be reading each of your projects and providing my feedback. So, for now, you can relax a little about your project and focus on the rest of this lesson. If you know you've got a few gaps yet to be filled in your project report, you've got some headroom this week to take care of those.

Deliverables for Term Project:

  1. Upload a drawing and description to the Lesson 7 Writing & UML Drawing dropbox in Canvas that illustrates a part of your project in visual design elements from UML. In preparation of your UML diagram, use a drawing tool (as provided in Word or an online drawing tool like we used before for a mockup). The concepts and interactions are more important than the drawing quality. But, make sure that all of the required elements of your system are included in the UML drawing. Also, make sure to annotate the various entities, components, and connections in your UML drawing. When you are finished with your UML drawing, include a short narrative (200 words max.) that describes the UML workflow and connections. This exercise counts toward the writing exercises (see writing rubric), not the term project, and is worth 15 points.
  2. You should consider adding your UML drawing as an appendix to your project, and it will not be counted as part of the word total.