GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design



Following needs assessment and prototyping, the next phase of GIS system analysis & design focuses on identifying and selecting appropriate system technologies. Specifically, in this lesson, we will focus on what outside vendors provide, and strategies for collecting and evaluating marketing materials to identify workable and effective solutions. In subsequent lessons (5 - 8), we will cover technical solutions that involve building your own systems and choosing between competing options in those circumstances.

ESRI Brochure for Whitepaper What is new ArcGIS 10
Figure 4.01: I'm sure you've seen materials like this snippet from Esri touting new features - is this informational or just advertising?
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We'll attempt to cut through the fluff in this lesson and dig into what vendors provide on their websites to market their solutions. You will see that a wide variety of content is out there, and that it comes in widely-varying levels of technical detail depending on the intended audience.


At the successful completion of Lesson 4, students should be able to:

  • strategically evaluate technical solutions and make smart decisions about which to choose;
  • complete a white paper research and critique assignment;
  • review the recent technology trend of Augmented Reality and discuss how it relates to GIS Design; and
  • develop a detailed outline for the Term Project.


Lesson 4 is one week in length. Please refer to Canvas for specific assignment instructions and due dates.


If you have questions now or at any point during this week, please feel free to post them in the General Questions Discussion Forum in Canvas. While you are there, feel free to post your own responses and comments if you are able to help out a classmate.