GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Term Project: Data

There are many different types of data sources  a designer can implement in a GISystem including licensed, open-source, and/or open core options. It is the decision of the designer what data and software to use to house and populate the map. Indeed, we often say that people are the most important part of a GISystem – there is no dispute about this. However, we also often minimize the data requirements with the assumption that it will be available. It goes without saying that GISystems require correctly collected and appropriate data for the application, or the system will produce faulty output. This assignment is an opportunity to consider the data you use in your design and address its issues such as consistency, redundancy, efficiency, and accuracy.

This week, you will be developing a foundational knowledge of the different types of data options available to populate your map. Then, you will determine and justify which option is most efficient and relevant to your project.

Once you are ready, move to the Lesson 6 Term Project: Data.