GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Reading Assignment



What is a Software Architecture? by Peter Eeles of IBM. This will give you a high-level, authoritative view of what a software architecture consists of.

Think About

What parallels do you see between the designs of software architectures and the other design activities we have covered so far in this course? In a lot of ways, we are covering the major pieces of an overall "structure" of design in this course.


Esri guide to the ArcGIS Software Architecture, pages 1 through 6.


This is a good summation of how Esri conceives their system architecture. It's aimed at ArcObjects developers, so don't worry about programming details at this point. Just try to get a feel for how the pieces fit together, and in particular, try to think of how the definitions of software architecture from the first reading play out in the context of ArcGIS (or other GIS systems). Respond to the readings by posting your take on how the second reading (on Esri's architecture) fits into the categories in the first reading (on software architecture). What is missing from the Esri document that the IBM article mentions? To get credit for this assignment, you must post at least one original comment and respond to at least one comment by your fellow students. I encourage you to include links to other content that bolsters your argument.

Joining the Discussion

The Lesson 5 Reading Discussion should be completed in Canvas.