GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design



In this lesson, you have explored some of the key characteristics of open source software and examined some of the tradeoffs associated with using open source systems and standards. You will be equipped to pick apart licensing details and understand potential risks related to vendor lock-in, as well as to identify use cases in which proprietary systems might be a better fit for your organization's needs and means. 

This week we also covered the emerging technology trend of the open core business model, which is center-stage for a lot of recent geospatial startups. The Open Core model is relatively simple to understand and may be a good way for companies to spin up and publicize their initial work, but the way this model evolves in a venture-capital-fueled world can be tricky to navigate.

In the next lesson, we will focusing on different methods to evaluate GISystem Designs including interaction logs and focus groups. You will be using that informationt to design and develop the methods to evaluate your own GISystem Design for the Final Project. Then, you will be learning about eye tracking technologies and you may even consider implementing those as an option for evaluting your GISystem Design. 

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