GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Scenario -- Select a GIS Programming Language


For this week's assignment, please imagine you have the opportunity to apply for a small grant that will enable you (or someone you are managing) to learn a new programming language.


You work for ACME GIS Associates, a respected (but slightly behind the times, as you can see from their penchant for Olde English Typography) GIS company in Tyrone, Pennsylvania. ACME wants to be a more cutting-edge GIS firm, and has therefore established a program for employees to be assigned a cost center and have it pay for resources to acquire new technologies. (At ACME, all work must be assigned to a cost center.) You have decided to apply for this program, assuming you (or someone on your team) have two months of time to learn a new programming language. You will need to describe what language you have selected. You will also need to justify your choice as a strategic one for the ACME GIS.

Joining the Discussion

The Lesson 7 Reading Discussion should be completed in Canvas.