GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design



For this week, I'd like you to read two different articles, one on the basic design of a the currently popular PostGIS spatial database system. The other article is on the topic of geospatial metadata (and how to make use of it) that focuses on another important (and very different) aspect of data in GISystem design.


What is a spatial database? Chapter 1 of PostGIS in Action by Regina O. Obe and Leo S. Hsu. Note, this is the second edition (this is also available via the Penn State library).

A GIS Data Model for Public Gardens by Brian Morgan and Steven Greco from the University of California, Davis. (Available via the Penn State library or in Canvas)

Term Project

This paper covers a variety of design strategies that the authors use to develop a GIS data model that will work for public gardens. Morgan and Greco document their strategies for working with existing, non-GIS-based databases and how they can be integrated into a spatial database. They discuss their development process, which involved stakeholder workshops and software testing. I’d like you to:

Revisit the "Data Storage" section of your term project that you developed in Module 6. Re-Evaluate your answers to the questions below now that you have additional information about spatial databasesand Dataset examples. Incorporate your changes in your term project presentation if you have decided to change your original plans. Consider the following prompts for updating/changing your original data storage description.

  1. Evaluate the software you will use to house your geospatial design.
  2. Evaluate the data you will use to populate your map.