GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Reading Assignment


For this week, I'd like you to read two articles on the application of evaluation methods to GIS and geographic visualization tools. Each article offers a different take on evaluation in terms of its goals and the amount of formality involved in its application.


"Usability Engineering for GIS: Learning From a Screenshot" by Muki Haklay and Antigoni Zafiri.

Think About

While you're reading, I'd like you to consider the circumstances in which you might employ the methods tested by Haklay and Zafiri. When would this type of evaluation make the most sense, and when would it be ill-equipped to provide useful feedback? Also, is there a time in the design process between needs assessment and final implementation when you think this method might be best suited?


"Testing the Usability of Interactive Maps in CommonGIS" by Natalia Andrienko, Gennady Andrienko, Hans Voss, Fatima Bernardo, Joana Hipolito, and Ursula Kretchmer.


This paper reports on a formal evaluation of interactive mapping tools in a geographic visualization system. The aim here was to evaluate a new approach to see how well it works. I'd like you to discuss with your colleagues how well you think the authors are able to answer their research questions given the evaluation they conducted. What additional assessment metrics might you have included, and why? Also, if you have any thoughts on the applicability of this model to design and implementation situations you have experienced in your own work (or those that you anticipate in the future), then I hope you'll share those as well.

Joining the Discussion

The Lesson 9 Reading Discussion should be completed in Canvas.