GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design



This week, you have finished work on your term project and shared your findings with your classmates. I hope you have found this experience to be intellectually stimulating. Throughout this course, I have tried to balance multiple learning objectives, and I appreciate your patience with me as I have refined things a little as we progressed through the material.

Our vision for 583 has been to ensure that our Master's degree students get a solid "lay of the land" as it pertains to designing GISystems. It's important to us that you get a good sense of where you and your interests fit in the wider realm of possibilities with respect to GIS. Some of you are developers, some are consultants, some are just really interested in spatial data science and aren't sure yet what niche is right. Along the way, we have also tried to introduce some fundamental writing, discussion, research, and collaboration skills that you can take along with you in the rest of your degree experience (and beyond, hopefully!).

I will work quickly to evaluate your final project materials and post your grades in Canvas. In the meantime, please complete the course evaluation when you see the email invitation to do so (this will come from the University directly, not from me) and provide honest, constructive feedback on the material as well as my performance. Your feedback makes it possible for future students in this course to benefit from your experiences. To say we are all keenly focused on meeting your expectations is a gross understatement - we take your feedback very seriously and work quickly to make changes to improve your educational experience.

Tell us about it!

If there is anything in the lesson materials that you would like to comment on, or add to, feel free to post your thoughts in the General Questions Discussion Forum in Canvas. For example, what did you have the most trouble with in this lesson? Was there anything useful here that you'd like to try in your own work? While you are there, feel free to post your own responses and comments if you are able to help out a classmate.