GEOG 583
Geospatial System Analysis and Design

Term Project - Peer Review and Work On Your First Draft


This week, you will review your classmates' final project outlines that were completed last week.

To Do

Please think about the type of feedback you would like to receive on your own work and model your responses accordingly. Your review should be:

  • Honest. If there are problems, major or minor, you should point them out. Don't hesitate to give praise as well, if warranted!
  • Constructive. Try to suggest ways the outline could be improved.

If the outline seems to be covering too much (remember the 2500 word limit for the final submission!), try to help identify the core points that should be kept. If the outline is covering too little, suggest suitable extensions.

Read on for instructions for submitting and reviewing your peers' outlines.

Term Project - Peer Review Submission Instructions

10 points

  1. Go to the Lesson 5 Peer Review Discussion in the Lesson 5 Module in Canvas.
  2. Click Reply.
  3. Click Attach, and select the original term project outline that you uploaded last week and attach it to your discussion post.
  4. Click Post Reply.
  5. Now, to complete peer reviews, you will click on People in the Canvas course menu.
  6. You will be reviewing two (2) students' outlines for this assignment. In People, click Student from the drop-down roles menu.
  7. Here, you should find: 1) the student directly above your name in the roster, and 2) the student directly below your name in the roster. For the first person in the roster, in addition to the person below  you in the roster, you will look at the last person on the roster. For the last person in the roster, in addition to the person above you in the roster, you will look at the first person on the roster. These are the peers whose outlines you will be reviewing.
  8. You will then return to the Lesson 5 Peer Review Discussion, and find those students' posts. Read their outlines and then provide your evaluation, including any comments that you may want to add.

Term Project - Make Progress on your Full Draft

You need to make major progress on your full draft this week. The first full draft will be due at the end of Lesson 6, so I very strongly encourage you to complete some of the work this week so that you do not have to cram everything into a single week's time.