GEOG 585
Open Web Mapping

GEOG 585: Open Web Mapping


Quick Facts about GEOG 585

  • Instructor(s):
  • Course Structure: 10 week online course
  • Overview: Geography 585: Open Web Mapping gives you experience with sharing geographic information on the Internet using free and open source software (FOSS) and open specifications. It is an elective course in Penn State's online geospatial education programs, including the Master of Geographic Information Systems. The lessons are freely visible online as open courseware; however, if you would like to receive official credit for the course and complete the lessons with instructor and peer feedback, you should register for the course through the Penn State World Campus.

    Technologies used in Geog 585 include QGIS, GDAL, OGR, GeoServer, Leaflet, and OpenStreetMap.