GEOG 585
Open Web Mapping

Term project introduction


This course contains many walkthroughs showing how to use FOSS, but the ultimate objective is to apply these skills toward your own web map using data that's interesting to you (or your supervisor at work!). As the course progresses, you'll be expected to complete a portion of the weekly assignments using your own datasets. By the end of the course, this will become a fully functioning "term project" web map that combines base layers, thematic layers, and some degree of interactivity through popups, filters, or queries.

Part of the final week of the course is reserved for putting the finishing touches on your term project; however, most of the major pieces will be in place by that time if you put a respectable effort into the weekly walkthroughs and assignments.

Proposing an idea for the term project

Please do the following to get started with the term project:

  • Skim through the upcoming lesson pages and titles to get an idea for the functionality that will be covered in this course. This will help you choose a project that is within scope.
  • Read the Term project submission guidelines to see what you will be required to submit
  • Create a 1 - 2 paragraph write-up describing an idea for your term project. This should mention the basemaps, thematic layers, and interactive elements that you'd like to have in your project, along with an explanation of where you will get the data. Place this in the Term Project Proposal drop box on Canvas, which you can find by going "Modules tab" -> "Lesson 2" -> "Term project proposal drop box". We will reply within a week, commenting on the scope and appropriateness of the project.