GEOG 588
Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Research Assignment


Since I want you to focus most of your attention on finishing up your final project, I've made this week's assignment fairly simple:

I'd like each of you to hunt down at least two maps or information graphics created to support Earthquake Response or Recovery that you think are particularly useful examples of the application of GIS or geographic analysis. You can choose any recent Earthquake event to focus on for this assignment. One goal for you might be to highlight what is possible today compared to just a short time ago when the Sichuan Earthquake occurred.

Then, post what you find in the Lesson 9 Research Assignment discussion in Canvas along with source information (a link is fine). For each example, provide your name and a concise, one-sentence explanation of the content. These examples can be interactive tools, mashups, etc... as well as static graphics - just post a screen capture if what you find is not a static graphic.

There are dozens of possible examples, so if someone has already posted one that you wanted to post, keep looking! The goal here is to develop a nice collection that reflects the many ways in which people represented and analyzed the impact and aftermath of recent earthquakes.