GEOG 588
Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Reading Assignment


The readings for this week are selected to continue the introduction to the application domain of GIS to Emergency Management. For some readings (here and in subsequent weeks), I’ll include questions to think about as you read, and responding to some of these questions will be part of your Class Participation grade.

For this and future reading assignments, when you see "Respond," you will need to answer at least one of the questions with a comment posted to the Canvas Discussion. You also must make at least one post in response to another classmate's comment, offering additional information or constructive criticism. Back and forth discussions are encouraged, so don't limit yourself to what is required!

  1. From "GIS for Disaster Management" - Chapter 4, pages 111-131 "Disaster Management and Geographic Information Systems"


    What are the major challenges in GIS and emergency management for the three major areas of government: local, state, and federal? How do the issues at one level affect those at another? What are the barriers to a cohesive, integrated approach to emergency management across the levels?

    NOTE: To complete this assignment, visit the Lesson 2 Reading Discussion Forum in Canvas.

  2. From the Web - article on grant writing for obtaining homeland security funding.


    This very short grant writing guide outlines some of the key sources for homeland security funding that you may wish to pursue to support GIS projects related to emergency management. This article is now almost ten years old - what do you notice has changed in the intervening years? DHS is still an important source of funding for projects, but things have certainly changed, right? The sources are still relevant, and the challenges they mention still ring true today. As you begin to think about your term project, you may wish to consider focusing on a grant proposal target (either a real one or something you can imagine coming up in the future).

  3. From the Web - Cutter, S. L. 2003, GIScience, Disasters, and Emergency Management. Transactions in GIS, 7(4), 439-446.
    Abstract: This brief paper introduces some of the core issues in emergency and disaster management and then outlines some of the GIScience issues and research challenges that need to be considered as we attempt to meet the geographic information needs of emergency management.