GEOG 588
Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Writing Assignment


Lesson 2 Writing Assignment Description

For the Journal Paper (Cutter, 2003) you read this week:

Identify and discuss reasons why you think GIS technology currently requires technical experts to apply it in crisis management situations. What are the key issues that need to be addressed? Is that situation changing at all given recent developments in web mapping technologies? Suppose you had funding resources to combat this problem, where and why would you spend that money?

For this assignment, write no more than 400 words. This assignment is worth 15 points toward the writing assignment portion of your course grade.

Lesson 2 Writing Assignment Submission Instructions

Save your files in the following format:

L2_assign2_firstinitialLastName.doc (or .jpg or .pdf or .tiff).

For example, my file would be named "L2_assign2_rmbeaty.doc" - This naming convention is important, as it will help me match each submission up with the right student.

Submit your assignment to the Lesson 2 Writing Assignment in Canvas. See our Canvas Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Lesson 2 Writing Assignment Grading Criteria

For this assignment, I will assign grades with the following rubric. For each of the three main criteria, I will assign points on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being very poor. I define "Impact" as the strength and logic of the arguments and analytical insights you provide with your writing. I define "Content" as the level of understanding and knowledge of relevant topics you demonstrate with your writing. I define "Clarity" as the readability and organization of your writing (including formatting and appropriate graphic design where applicable).

Impact, Content, Clarity: 5 = Excellent, 4 = Very Good, 3 = Satisfactory, 2 = Poor, 1 = Very Poor