GEOG 588
Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Term Project - Find Information


Term Project - Find Information

This week, I will be evaluating the abstracts you developed for your project in last week's lesson. While I do that, I encourage you to spend some time looking for relevant background information that will help you develop your project.

To get started, you could look for:

  • background and context information for the topic you have chosen (who has worked in this area before, and what did they accomplish?);
  • examples you can use to justify your choice of methods (if the project you chose involves proposing a methodology);
  • application examples of the use of GIS in emergency management.

Each project will have quite specific needs, so you will need to think of the additional information you will need to write your report.

Some Suggestions...

I encourage you to make use of our excellent Penn State library resources.

Also, Google Scholar is your friend. This is one of the primary ways academics now search for articles.

Finally, a good place to start is to have a look at the recent proceedings from the ISCRAM conference. Tons of good stuff there.


There is nothing to submit this week with this part of the Term Project. But you really should get cracking on your background research. Don't let this time slide by without making some progress on that effort.

If you have questions about how to proceed - you can ask those in the Lesson 4 Questions and Comments Discussion in Canvas. It's great if you're able to help a classmate, too, so don't be shy.