GEOG 588
Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Term Project - Create an Outline


This week, you need to compile and submit an outline for your term project paper. By now, you've received my feedback on your project abstract and you had some time last week to collect some background information.

Outline Description

A good outline will help you complete your term project as efficiently as possible. I like working with an outline because then I know the gaps that I need to fill. It's also an excellent way of narrowing what your paper will cover given a specific word count constraint.

Your outline should:

  • identify major sections and subsections of your paper;
  • organize sections in a logical flow that guides the reader from start to finish;
  • reflect the limitations you have on word count for the final product (you won't be able to have dozens of sections covering every possible topic).

I'll leave it up to you to decide how much detail your outline includes beyond section and subsection headings. I like to add short statements for the key ideas I will cover in each subsection; that way I know exactly what I must cover to complete the paper.

Outline Submittal Instructions

When you're finished with this assignment, submit your outline to the dropbox I've created for it in Canvas.

Save your files in the following format:

L4_tp_firstinitialLastName.doc (or .jpg or .pdf or .tiff).

For example, my file would be named "L4_tp_rmbeaty.doc" - This naming convention is important, as it will help me make sure I match each submission with the right student.

Submit your assignment to the Term Project: Outline dropbox in Canvas. See our Canvas Course Calendar for specific due dates.

Outline Grading Criteria

For this assignment, I will assign grades with the following rubric. For each of the three main criteria, I will assign points on a scale from 1-5, with 5 being excellent and 1 being very poor. I define "Impact" as the strength and logic of the arguments and analytical insights you provide with your writing. I define "Content" as the level of understanding and knowledge of relevant topics you demonstrate with your writing. I define "Clarity" as the readability and organization of your writing (including formatting and appropriate graphic design where applicable).

Impact, Content, Clarity, Meets Criteria: 5 = Excel., 4 = VG, 3 = Satis., 2 = Poor, 1 = V. Poor