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Term Project - Make Progress On Your First Draft


Term Project - Make Progress on Your First Draft

This week, you should be making significant progress on the first draft of your term project. Your goal should be to make the first draft as high-quality as possible, with the idea that doing so will mean you have less work ahead of you to complete your second (and final) draft.

I have designed the timing of this assignment so that I have time to read your full drafts, offer feedback and editing suggestions, and return them to you with enough time left in the course so that you can revise your work before submitting a final version.


Here are my expectations for your first draft, which will be due at the end of Lesson 6:

  • Your draft should be complete (what you wrote about in your abstract and outline is covered).
  • It should be well-written, using correct grammar & spelling.
  • Your draft should not exceed the 2500 word limit (citations & figure captions do not count toward the word limit).
  • The format of your document should be consistent and elegantly designed.

This week, you should complete at least the first half of your term project draft. You will have all of this week and next week to complete your first draft, and since you have other assignments in this course, I recommend you manage your time accordingly.

If you're like me and you have trouble getting started on writing assignments, consider this piece of advice I heard from a colleague about completing a PhD dissertation:

"Every day, set aside a writing task for yourself that is so small that you cannot possibly fail to complete it."

When I was writing my dissertation, I set little goals for myself every day that mirrored this advice. For me, it worked best to set a specific wordcount that I had to achieve every day. For you, there may be better ways to motivate yourself, so your mileage may vary.

Remember, if you have any questions while you are working on your first draft, just send me an e-mail or leave a post on the Questions and Comments Discussion in Canvas.