GEOG 588
Planning GIS for Emergency Management

Lesson 2 Overview



Miyagi, Japan:

Comparison imagery taken before and after the 2011 Japan Earthquake.

Threats to people and their property can take many forms. Many of the situations we concern ourselves with in this course are linked to natural events. But it is also important to consider a wide range of social and economic triggers that could cause emergency management situations. In this lesson, we'll take a look at a variety of disaster types and their associated geographic attributes.


At the successful completion of Lesson 2, students should be able to:

  • identify the wide array of emergency situations in which GIS tools could be used;
  • choose a final project topic and write an abstract for their report;
  • write a short critique of a journal article on GIS and emergency management;
  • describe and discuss the emerging technological trend of UAV systems and how they relate to GIS and crises.


If you have questions now or at any point during this week, please feel free to post them in the Lesson 2 Questions and Comments Discussion in Canvas.