Culminating Experiences in Geospatial Intelligence

Welcome to GEOG 594A - Culminating Experiences in Geospatial Intelligence

Welcome to GEOG 594. In this course, students will demonstrate their culminating experiences in the geospatial intelligence profession. This class is designed as an independent study seminar.

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Quick Facts Abour GEOG 594A

  • Instructor: Todd Bacastow
  • Course Structure: Online, 10-12 hours a week for 10 weeks

Course Overview

GEOG 594A: Culminating Experiences in Geospatial Intelligence

    GEOG 594A is a seminar that brings together the threads of the Geospatial Intelligence program and reinforces the standards of professionalism applicable to geospatial intelligence analysis in government and business. The seminar's overarching aim is to enhance your understanding of the role of geospatial intelligence, develop individual competencies, reinforce professional concepts, and improve geospatial analytical techniques and methods.The course is ten weeks in length and requires a minimum of 8-12 hours of student activity each lesson. For those required to take the 2 credit Geospatial Intelligence Capstone (GEOG 594B), this course provides the foundation for the geospatial problem you will be examining in greater depth.

    Note: Completing GEOG 594A may qualify you for a Penn State Geospatial Intelligence certificate. You will also qualify for the U.S. Geospatial Intelligence Foundation certificate when you receive a Penn State geospatial intelligence certificate. The USGIF certificate qualifies you for a free 1-year membership to the USGIF. We encourage you to apply to the certificate. You can do this by completing the online application at the Penn State Graduate School. Select the appropriate Geospatial intelligence certificate from the options and complete the online form.