Analytic Experience in Geospatial Intelligence


Lesson 2 is one week in length (See the Calendar in Canvas for specific due dates). To finish this seminar lesson, you must complete the activities listed below. You may find it useful to print this page out first so that you can follow along with the directions.

Steps to Completing Lesson 2
Step Activity Access/Directions
1 Read the lesson Overview and Checklist. You are in the Lesson 2 online content now. The Overview page is previous to this page, and you are on the Checklist page right now.
2 Review the following: There are three different styles of reading that are referred to in the lessons:
  • Scan: Do not deal with all of the content, but search through the material for a specific purpose or a specific word (or its synonym). Scanning is used for such purposes as finding the answer to a particular question.
  • Skim: To skim, read a page by reading the headings and first sentences of each paragraph or section.
  • Read: The purpose of this style is to understand the concepts and arguments that the text contains, and it should be preceded by the Skim reading style.
3 Post to the Lesson 2 Deliverable. Items to be posted include:
  1. a restatement of your analytic question (problem). This may be a revision of your initial question;
  2. a revised summary of the geospatial aspects of the problem;
  3. a list of your assumptions (see the Deliverables for a discussion of assumptions);
  4. a brief description of your method (be sure to include Analysis of Competing Hypothesis, GIS, and perhaps remote sensing);
  5. an annotated bibliography of at least 15 quality sources including the geospatial data you might use in your analysis. The references should fall into three categories:
    • articles, book chapters, or general references about your topic (approximately 5 sources);
    • articles or book chapters about similar studies (approximately 5 sources) with particular attention to the method employed in the work;
    • data sets and sources suitable for your analysis (approximately 5 references).

To participate in the discussion, please go to the Lesson 2 Discussion Forum in Canvas. (That forum can be accessed at any time by going to Canvas and clicking on the Discussions link.)

4 Read Lesson Summary. The summary can be found at the end of this lesson.