Analytic Experience in Geospatial Intelligence


Lesson 1A Discussion: Comment on the Analytic Question.

  • Briefly (~100 words) comment on the problem statement describing one strength and weakness. Refer to the Clark, Chapter 6 reading.

Lesson 1B Deliverable: Provide your analytic question (problem) and a 200 (approximate) word summary of the geospatial aspects of the problem.

For example, "Where is Joaquin Guzman-Loera, aka El Chapo?"

The question is to be of primary interest to you; it should not be simplistic or be one that you already have solved. The question must involve some analysis which will be addressed using GIS and/or remote sensing technologies. The broad categories of GEOINT questions are:

(1) Questions dealing with location and extent:

  • What is the phenomenon or feature of interest?
  • Where is it located?
  • Why is it where it is?
  • How large an area does it cover?

(2) Questions dealing with distribution and pattern:

  • Is there regularity in its distribution?
  • Where is it in relation to similar features?
  • What kind of distribution does it portray?

(3) Questions dealing with spatial association and interaction:

  • What other phenomena are in the same area?
  • Do phenomena usually occur together in the same area?
  • Is the feature linked to other phenomena?

(4) Questions dealing with spatial change:

  • Has the feature always been there?
  • How has it changed spatially through time?
  • What factors have influenced these changes?

Lesson 1C Deliverable: Peer Review another student's Lesson 1 analytic question submission.

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