Analytic Experience in Geospatial Intelligence


Lesson 2 deliverables include posting to the Lesson 2 Deliverable:

  1. a restatement of your analytic question (problem). This may (should?) be an improvement of your initial question.
  2. a revised summary of the geospatial aspects of the problem.
  3. a list of your assumptions. If a reader can dismiss your assumptions, then your analysis is not likely to be taken seriously. Thus, assumptions must be identified and considered with care:
    • An assumption is a realistic expectation. It is something that we believe to be true. However, no adequate evidence exists to support this belief. An assumption is an act of faith. It will not be tested in your analysis.
    • The analyst is responsible for informing the reader of important assumptions made. If the reader cannot accept these assumptions as reasonable, there is little point in reading the rest of the analytic report.
    • Only important assumptions are identified and listed. For example, you would not list as an assumption that your GIS software is working properly.
    • Ordinarily, assumptions are simply listed unless they are especially important, controversial, or unusual. In that case, they may be discussed.

    Example Assumptions are:

    • "Human activities, social and environmental, are contributing to the increase of landslides."
    • "Increased and pro-long precipitation will increase the odds of landslides occurring."
  4. a brief description of your method (e.g., Analysis of Competing Hypothesis). See for additional information.
  5. an annotated bibliography of at least 15 quality sources including the geospatial data you might use in your analysis. The references should fall into three categories:
    • articles, book chapters, or general references about your topic (approximately 5 sources).
    • articles or book chapters about similar studies (approximately 5 sources) with particular attention to the method employed in the work.
    • data sets and sources suitable for your analysis (approximately 5 references).

Questions or Comments?

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