Analytic Experience in Geospatial Intelligence

Why the Capstone Project?

This capstone is a required class for Penn State's Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence and the iMPS-HLS program.

  • iMPS-HLS (masters degree) students are also required to complete GEOG 594b (2 additional credits). GEOG 594b is taken as the culminating experience for the iMPS-HLS and require the masters student to demonstrate a higher-level of writing competency based upon their analysis of an intelligence topic hopefully initially investigated in GEOG 594a.

In the capstone, the group is responsible for exploring the concept and probing the ideas. It is a time to explore, to work it over as a group, to think aloud about it, and to test some ideas. The capstone is not an arena to simply summarize material. It is a special time for intellectual activity; the exchange of ideas focused on a topic and aimed primarily at getting a deeper understanding of your problem.

The overarching goal of the Capstone Project is for you to demonstrate your ability to identify and rapidly investigate a real-world problem using the analytic techniques and tools introduced during your past coursework. Simply stated, you must use GIS or a remote sensing tool.

This course is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have achieved the goals for learning established by the program. It integrates learning from the courses in the Geospatial Intelligence Option with the courses from the rest of the academic experience. It requires the application of that learning to a project which serves as an instrument of evaluation. The capstone fosters interdisciplinary partnerships and helps to cultivate industry alliances and cooperation.

Questions or Comments?

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