Analytic Experience in Geospatial Intelligence


Just to review, this course is an opportunity for you to demonstrate that you have achieved the goals for learning established by the program. It integrates learning from the courses in the Geospatial Intelligence program with the rest of your academic experience. It requires the application of that learning to a project which serves as an instrument of evaluation.


The overarching purpose of the Capstone Project is for you to demonstrate your ability to identify and investigate a real-world problem using the analytic techniques and tools introduced during your past coursework.

The Lesson 3 deliverables are to:

  1. develop geospatial evidence using the appropriate GIS or remote sensing tools and techniques;
  2. complete your analysis and state the conclusions;
  3. document your analytic work in a DRAFT presentation (PowerPoint format). Name the presentation Lesson_3 _(your name).pptx. It is suggested that you broadly follow the report format introduced during Lesson 1.
  4. upload your DRAFT presentation to the Lesson 3 Dropbox. Presentations will be reviewed for issues such as a 72-slide presentation (yes, this happened), grossly faulty logic (!), poorly designed maps, no maps (!), bad assumptions, etc. I will post comments with as much time as possible for you to make corrections;
  5. self-organize within the class to schedule the final presentations on the dates provided by the instructor. NOTE: The class will post a consolidated schedule to the Lesson 3: Schedule of Final Presentations dropbox.

Questions or Comments?

Registered students are welcome to post comments or questions to The Conference Room discussion forum. (That forum can be accessed at any time in Canvas by clicking on the Discussions link.)