Challenges in Global Geospatial Analytics

Presentation of Final Group Project Proposal


It is now time for you to present your final draft of the group project proposal that you have been working on over the last several weeks. Hopefully, our experiences in the EU provided you with many more ideas and perspectives that you could use to refine the first draft of your proposal. 

Your group's presentation should include the following items. Note that you are free to add additional ideas as needed. All group members should be involved in the delivery of the presentation.

  • Your business name, logo, and staff involved with this project.
  • Key accomplishments of your business that relate to geovisualization/geovisual analytics.
  • Discuss the overall scope of your response to NouHu’s geospatial data challenge (what unique ideas your business has to offer).
  • Discuss specific data sets and variables that are thought to be appropriate for solving this geospatial data challenge. Note that the specific data (and associated variables) are not necessarily confined to UNHCR's refugee database.
  • Explain how your solution meets the needs of NouHu’s geospatial data challenge.
  • Explain the kinds of geovisualization/geovisual analytics tools that you implemented and their appropriateness to NouHu’s geospatial data challenge.
  • Include a demonstration of geovisualization/geovisual analytic tools that you implemented.
  • What kinds of outcomes should NouHu derive from your solution?
  • In light of our experiences in the EU, make sure that you identify key parts of your proposal that you have modified as a result of your engagement with ITC students and visits to national mapping agencies.

The presentation should be no longer than twenty minutes.

You are also expected to give critical feedback on the other groups' presentations.

Submission Instructions

Please note that you will be submitting three items in addition to delivering your presentation via Adobe Connect.

  • Presentation (one submission per group): Shared via Adobe Connect and uploaded to Final Presentation Assignment in Lesson 8 Module of Canvas. (12 points)
  • Written Final Project Proposal (one submission per group): Revised versions of Sections I-V compiled into one document. Make sure to include any additional materials (such as examples of geovisualizations and/or geovisual analytics of the refugee data) and upload the final document to the Final Project Proposal Assignment in Canvas. (20 points)
  • Peer Feedback (individual): Provided for each group's presentation via Canvas Discussions. (4 points)

GitHub Code Example (Optional)

Some of you might have a code example to share. If so, you can upload your completed code example to GitHub (this is optional).