GEOG 597i
Critical Geospatial Thinking and Applications

The Concept of Region

Geographers regionalize in order to organize and classify spatial information and data. The basic theme of a regional schema is dependent upon its purpose. The world might be regionalized by climate zones, economic conditions, political distinctions, cultural variables, or a plethora of other organizational groupings. Formal regions are structured in keeping with a set of highly homogenous features, while functional (nodal) regions exhibit an internal economic, social, or political consistency.

Regionalization is a useful tool that can be successfully applied during the intelligence preparation of the battlefield (IPB) process. For example, it may be useful to know the spatial boundaries within which given tribal or religious groups live and operate. Moreover, war fighters and analysts also need to predict and map core areas of conflict as well as larger spheres of influence.

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Geographers use the concept of region as an organizational tool. Regions may be defined in a variety of ways including by climate, economic situation, political organization, and culture. Formal regions are structured in keeping with homogenous features while nodal regions are based upon function.