GEOG 858
Spatial Data Science for Emergency Management

Discussion Expectations and Grading


Discussion Assignments - Readings and Emerging Themes 

A key component of your graduate coursework will be participating in online discussions with classmates. This will occur around two main activities: 1) Discussion of the weekly readings and/or 2) Discussions of the Emerging Theme content.  

In this class, you will be expected to be online and participating in online discussions at least 3 days a week. While the times of day and specific days of the week in which you do this work are flexible, you must participate actively and regularly in online discussions in order for you to be successful and fulfill your responsibilities as a member of the class learning community. I would suggest setting aside dedicated time several times a week for participation. 


Lessons begin on Wednesday and the discussion will be open for 10 days (even though the rest of the lesson is only scheduled for one week). Your initial post is due on Sunday. You are then required to participate in the conversation on at least two different days by or before the following Thursday. 


In addition to being thoughtful about the discussion prompts, I would like to see you asking and answering questions, making suggestions, and sharing examples from your own life. I would like to see this begin to look like a true conversation, so while most of your posts should be about a paragraph in length, some may be shorter and conversational. Remember to contribute to the learning community by being creative in your approaches to topics, being relevant in the presented viewpoints, and attempting to motivate the discussion. And remember, there is value in diverse perspectives, so it is ok to have a constructive and considerate disagreement.


Your contributions will be scored as follows.

Discussion Rubric
Criteria Points
Initial post is submitted on time 3
Follow up posts were made on two different days, 2 days gets full points, less than 2 days gets 0 points. 6
Quality of contributions 6
Total 15