GEOG 858
Spatial Data Science for Emergency Management

Wrapping Up GEOG 858


This week, you have finished work on your term project and shared your findings with your classmates. I hope you have found this experience to be intellectually stimulating. Throughout the course, I have tried to balance multiple learning objectives, and I appreciate your patience with me as I have refined things a little as we progressed through the material. Every class I teach is different from the last instance, as I like to keep things as fresh as possible.

I think it's clear that geospatial approaches and technologies can be shaped in a wide range of ways to fit various types of emergency management tasks. Emerging technology trends like volunteered geographic information and geoAI will allow future GIS systems for emergency management to be flexible and responsive to dynamic and complicated crisis situations. Now that you have completed this course, you should have the ability to plan new GIS systems that take into account the real-world constraints of a disaster scenario and blend together off-the-shelf GIS tools with creative solutions that leverage new technologies and data sources. I wish you the best of luck in your future work! Please stay in touch and let me know how you're doing.

I will work to quickly evaluate your final project materials and post your grades. In the meantime, please complete the course evaluation that you are sent automatically and provide honest, constructive feedback for the material as well as my performance. Your feedback makes it possible for future students in this course to benefit from your experiences.