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Learn about Spatial Reference Systems in GIS

What You'll Learn in GEOG 861

For students who work with spatial problems that require high-precision locational accuracy, this class will help you choose amongst the dizzying array of projections, datums, grid systems, and transformation processes to move between those systems in order to ensure your spatial analysis and mapping work is accurate and comparable.

Technologies You'll Use

Students will use a variety of technologies in this class to include:

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Degree & Certificate Programs

This class is part of Penn State's award winning Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs, which includes the Master of GIS degree and certificates in GIS, GEOINT, and Remote Sensing. All of these programs are taught online and designed around the needs of working professionals.

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What Our Students Say

"I had high expectations entering the course and I was not disappointed. Dr. Kessler's presentation of the course material brought clarity to what many would consider complex subject matter. I emerged from the course with a much deeper understanding of datums and spatial coordinate systems."

- John David Kronicz

"Professor Kessler … provides timely and detailed feedback and his class is invaluable in developing an understanding of the pitfalls of using the wrong map projections.

As a lawyer who last took a math class in 1966, I was little hesitant to take a course which explores mathematical models of the Earth’s size and shape. I’m glad that I took the plunge and enrolled in the class. Every geospatial professional should take this class."

- Robert M. Myers

"I work on projects across the United States, and from the beginning of the course, I was able to apply concepts learned to assist my business unit and other analysts across the company in choosing the most appropriate datums, projections, and coordinate systems for their projects."

- Lisa Zoellick

Meet the Faculty

Fritz Kessler

Online Geospatial Education Programs

This course is part of Penn State’s Online Geospatial Education portfolio of programs. For more information on our award-winning courses, certificates, and degree options, click below.