GEOG 863
GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals

Plot Your Hometown


Given the large dose of conceptual material you were introduced to in this lesson, the project that you'll submit for grading will be rather short. Here are some instructions for completing the assignment.

If you completed GEOG 482 (or GEOG 160 for those in residence), you should have located the latitude/longitude coordinates of your hometown in Project 1 using the United States Geological Survey's Geographic Names Information System or the Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names (for students outside the U.S.). If you have not taken that course, use those tools or any other resources at your disposal (e.g., ArcMap) to find this information.

Modify your lesson2.html page so that the map is centered on and a marker points to your hometown. In modifying the page, you'll need to alter two identical sets of coordinates. If you've done much programming, you should recognize that repeating values in different parts of a program is generally a bad practice because of situations like this where you end up having to make revisions in multiple places. So, while you're changing the location displayed on the map, revise the script so that it no longer suffers from this deficiency.

Also, be sure that your page passes successfully through the W3C validator without errors. (You will probably receive 3 warnings, which are OK to ignore.)


This project is one week in length. Please refer to the course Calendar tab, in ANGEL, for the due date.

  1. Post the map of your hometown to your e-portfolio. (40 of 100 points)
  2. Below the map, include some reflection on what you learned from the lesson and/or any concepts that you found to be confusing (minimum 200 words). (20 of 100 points)
  3. Include on your project page or your index page links to your Google Maps Engine Lite and ArcGIS Online maps. (20 of 100 points)
  4. Find a GIS mashup that catches your eye, and write a short review of it in the Lesson 2 Discussion Forum. (20 of 100 points)
  5. Complete the Lesson 2 quiz.