GEOG 863:
Web Application Development for Geospatial Professionals

3.2 Use the API to Create Your First 3D Map


An exciting feature of version 4 of Esri's JavaScript API is its support for 3D scenes. Let’s have a look at a basic 3D sample.

  1. Go back to the Sample Code Overview page and click on the Intro to SceneView (3D) link.
  2. Using the same approach that you used for the 2D map, view the sample code in the sandbox and change the map’s center to the same coordinates and the scale to 4000000.

Note: Most of you have probably explored a 3D map like this one, though you may not be aware of all of the navigation options available to you. Read about the various mouse and keyboard controls and their associated effects in the documentation of the SceneView class, and be sure to try them out!