GEOG 863
GIS Mashups for Geospatial Professionals

Mapping the Candidate Sites for Jen and Barry's Shop


If you've taken my other programming classes, I apologize for once again dredging up this scenario! In the project that you'll submit for grading this week, you are required to create a map that displays the locations of the four candidate cities from that scenario. You will depict these sites using a custom ice cream cone icon. Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. Download a shapefile of the candidate cities and the ice cream cone image.
  2. Load the shapefile into ArcMap and obtain the latitude/longitude coordinates for the four sites. The easiest way to do this is probably to make sure the data frame has its Display units set to Decimal Degrees, then hold the cursor over each of the points and write down the coordinates reported in the status bar at the bottom of the window.
  3. Upload the provided .png images to your web space.
  4. Modify the createMarker() function from earlier in the lesson so that it creates an icon using the provided image. You should set the icon and shape properties of the MarkerOptions object.
  5. An info window should open when a marker is clicked. This info window should contain the name of the (fictional) city in bold. Beneath the name, you should list its population in normal print.
  6. This project does not require the plotting of lines or polygons.
  7. Because there are only four cities to depict, it is OK to hard-code their coordinates and info window text in the body of the script. We'll discuss how to work with larger datasets in more practical ways in the next lesson.


This project is one week in length. Please refer to the course Calendar tab, in ANGEL, for the due date.

  1. Post the map of Jen and Barry's candidate cities to your e-portfolio. (80 of 100 points)
  2. Below the map, include some reflection on what you learned from the lesson and/or any concepts that you found to be confusing (minimum 200 words). (20 of 100 points)
  3. Complete the Lesson 4 quiz.