GEOG 863:
Web Application Development for Geospatial Professionals

6.5 Configuring Popups


Popups are a topic that would also fit in the lesson on UI development, but since they are usually configured along with the layer’s renderer, we’ll talk about them now.

We saw earlier in the course that popups can be associated with graphics, though they are typically used to present information contained in a layer’s attribute table.

The first point to understand on this topic is that views (MapViews and SceneViews) have a Popup object associated with them. Note the wording – “a Popup object.” Only one Popup window can be open at a time.

While it’s possible to set the Popup object’s contents, doing so would lock in what is shown regardless of which feature is clicked. The correct way to configure a layer’s popups is to set its PopupTemplate property. PopupTemplates are most often set up for FeatureLayers, but the ImageryLayer and CsvLayer classes also support them.

Looking at the popupTemplate property in the SDK, you should note that it’s labeled as an autocast property. Thus, we can create a PopupTemplate object without having to add its module to the require() list.