GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Term project overview and abstract assignment


The final week of this course will be dedicated to a term project that each of you will complete to integrate and apply your understanding of Cloud and Server GIS in the context of an application scenario you choose. You will select ONE project option from the list below and submit an abstract in week 8 describing your project idea. To a large degree, you will have the freedom to shape the specifics of your term project around a cloud GIS project that interests you. I hope that this allows you to either focus on a topic related to your day-to-day work or choose an area that sparks your curiosity.

Term Project Options

Here are the options you have for your term project. You should choose ONE of these options:

OPTION 1: Set up an ArcGIS Server-based website using your own data, using EC2 as a hosting service.

OPTION 2: Solve a GIS problem using multiple cloud machines.

OPTION 3: Use ArcGIS Online, Carto, or Mapbox technology to solve geographic data handling problems.

OPTION 4: Design a cloud-based infrastructure that complements an existing GIS. Since this option will deliver a design rather than an example of a working system, the written component will need to be much larger than under the other options.

OPTION 5: Develop your own topic using Cloud GIS. You will need to receive approval from your instructor.


The term project includes the following deliverables:

  • Lesson 8: Final Project Abstract (summary) of Project Idea
    • 1 paragraph project abstract indicating which project option you chose and describing in general terms what you will do and what the budget is for your project. This is due at the end of Week 8. (10 points)
  • Lesson 10 Final Project Video Demonstration
    • 5 minute video demonstration of Term Project, due at the end of Week 10. (30 points)
  • Lesson 10: Final Term Project Report
    • 500 - 1000 word final term project report, due at the end of Week 10. (60 points)

Please use the Term Project Rubric as a guide for implementing your project. It describes all the pieces that need to be present in order to earn an A, such as discussions of cost and security considerations.

Abstract submission

By the end of week 8, you need to submit an abstract (summary) of your project idea. Submit this to the corresponding drop box on Canvas in the form of a document of 200 - 300 words. The instructor will review immediately and post any concerns or needed modifications.