GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS



There's so much to learn about ArcGIS Server and GIS server technology in general that it's impossible to cover it all in this course. Instead, we've chosen to focus on some of the issues most commonly faced by people setting up and running a GIS server. In Lesson 2, you learned how to set up a server and a web service, and you viewed that service on the web. In Lesson 3, you took that a step further and learned how to prepare data for editing over the web. You also made a fully-featured web application.

In Lesson 4, you will learn how to build rasterized tile caches to improve the speed of your map services. This is a practice used by major web mapping services such as Google Maps, Bing Maps, MapQuest, and the ArcGIS Online services that you have already used in this course.

Building and maintaining tile caches requires careful strategy and planning, far beyond just knowing how to push the buttons to make tiles. For this reason, map tiling can be a fun and intriguing subject to study.

Lesson Objectives

At the successful completion of this lesson you should be able to:

  •     understand how to design a map for tiling;
  •     create and maintain a rasterized map tile cache; and
  •     create a substantive application using your knowledge of ArcGIS for Server.


  • Complete: L04: Assignment
  • (No discussion this week)