GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Creating an ArcGIS Online developer account


Before you continue, please register for a free developer account on (using a web browser on any machine). You may already have an Esri global account or perhaps a basic ArcGIS Online account, but a developer account is a bit different; It contains 50 Esri service "credits" and some app hosting and building privileges. In later lessons you'll learn more about how these credits can be used to purchase access to various GIS data and processing resources on ArcGIS Online. The most common way to get Esri service credits is to be part of an ArcGIS Online organization through your employer's license agreement, but you can also get them through this free developer account for testing and education purposes. We've decided to take the latter approach in this class because it is impractical to add students temporarily to Penn State's ArcGIS Online organization.

Once you have signed up for the developer account, you will receive a confirmation email with a verification link that will take you to a page where you can select a username, password, an organization name and some security questions. You will not be able to change your organization or homepage URL once you have selected them, so choose carefully. Also, you'll need the organization and homepage URL later, so write them down somewhere or save them to a text file on your EC2 instance or local machine. You will know the process of setting up your account has been successful if you see an image like the one in Figure 2.4, below, in a webpage. If you accidentally close this window you can get back to registering your first application by re-clicking the verification link and then sign-in to your developer account.

screen capture. See image caption.
Figure 2.4: Successful account setup screen

We're not going to register an application until Lesson 3, so you can close this window and move ahead with Lesson 2. Whenever prompted to log in to ArcGIS Online in this course, please use this developer account.