GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Assignment: Doing your own mapping with CARTO services


In this week's assignment, you'll continue getting some experience with CARTO's thematic mapping services. Please assemble a document with all of the following:

  1. A hyperlink to your CSA map aggregated to Hexbins.
  2. A hyperlink to your time-series map of Philadelphia shootings.
  3. A map of one of your own datasets that appropriately applies either the aggregation or time series techniques covered in the walkthroughs. Write a paragraph explaining what you are showing and justifying your design decisions regarding styling, classification, etc.
  4. A map of your own datasets made using some new technique you've learned by experimenting in CARTO Builder and reading its documentation. Add a paragraph explaining what technique you are using and why it's appropriate for showing these datasets.

    Items 3 and 4 can use data from your final project or some other data that you've obtained from an open data website. Please be sensitive to data ownership and licensing when uploading data to CARTO; don't put your organization's proprietary data on CARTO unless you've received permission to do so.