GEOG 865
Cloud and Server GIS

Cloud Computing Discussion: Cloud GIS for Each of Us


How cloud computing services are defined and used is a key part of understanding cloud computing and foundational knowledge in this course. However, cloud computing definitions vary from source to source. For this week's discussion assignment, I'd like you to look back at the NIST definition of cloud computing we are using in this course, and also read Chapter 2 of The Cloud at Your Service (available here as a preview from the publisher). Then, compare Rosenberg and Mateos' definition of cloud computing with the NIST-based definition.

Deliverables for this week's emerging theme:

  1. First, submit a post in this lesson's discussion on Canvas that compares Rosenberg and Mateos' definition of cloud computing with the NIST-based definition and indicate which you prefer. If someone else has already posted what you would have said, either respond with a new point of your own, or make some other observation about cloud service definitions.
  2. Second, include in your post (or perhaps better, make a second post) that describes how you are currently using cloud computing, at work and at home, and how you plan to use cloud computing in the future. What tasks do you think would be uniquely suited to cloud computing?
  3. Third, I'd like you to offer additional insight, critique, a counter-example, or something else constructive in response to one of your colleagues' posts.
  4. Brownie points for linking to other technology demos, pictures, blog posts, etc., that you've found to enrich your posts so that we may all benefit.